What can you expect?? or not to expect.


Welcome to my blog “The Inconvenient Truth”.

Have you ever had a Truth in your life that knocked deep inside your heart, quietly at first, but then bit by bit louder and louder until it became impossible to ignore.  You know that kind of truth that you know you can no longer ignore no matter how inconvenient the realisation of it made manifest may be and the consequences that may follow by chosing not to ignore it.  We all have one, we just don’t often consciously acknowledge its presence.  Well if you are ready to get real and grow in unimaginable ways then I know this blog will be of assistance.

What can you expect or actually more to the point, what not to expect.  If you are looking for the norm in blogging that fills your brain full with content, content and more content because I’m the expert in your life and I’m happy to tell you so, then this wont be for you.

We are truly only ever the “experts” in our own lives and when we choose to acknowledge that we have everything already inside of us to change any aspect powerfully in our life things can dramatically shift.  We hold the blueprint to our destiny no one else.

What I will promise you, however, is questions, questions and more questions?????  For questions are the heart of the journey that can open you up to the promptings of the unconscious.  They unapologetically strip you till you have but no choice to find the answer.  They lead you to higher levels of thinking and ultimately to new ways of being.

“You can not solve a problem
from the same level of consciousness to which it was created”

Albert Einstein

Questions that at first glance may appear to be harmless from the outset, tiny little sentences, but I assure you when you go deeper only the brave who are courageous enough to face them will find their true soul purpose at the heart of them.  It is of course no accident that you are visited by the truths of your soul, it is at these exact junctures that we are called to the “truth” of who we are.    Much like the sand which causes the friction to create the pearl.  The first question I pose to you NOW is

“Are you ready to open and explore what “Inconvenient Truths” are knocking at the door of YOUR heart”?

I’m up for the adventure, are you?

Be True, Be You.


Trish Cusack
NLP Practitioner/Coach
Time Line Therapy Practitioner/Hypnotherapy
Founder Wakeup Wokshops